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During this Course, Freediving Costa Rica™ & Survival Apnea™ will take people through the amazing world of Conscious breathing and Breath Holding.

This Course was designed by Freedivers and Big wave Surfers. Gathering both communities' knowledge, you will learn and experience the true power of breath and human potential.

The course starts with Basic Freediving Theory and knowledge, in order to build a solid Foundation and understanding before jumping into the physical practice.

Afterwards, we will have a Breathing and Breath holding dry session and we will finish the experience with a full swimming pool session (2 to 3 hours approx).


Note: The course can be done as a one day experience or split in 2 days ( DAY 1: Theory + Breathing session, DAY 2: Swimming pool session).

Ideally, the swimming pool session is carried out on a 25mtrs pool, in order to provide the best service and customer experience for the Swimming pool training drills.


This course includes Survival Apnea International Certification, which allows participants to access Survival Apnea Community in Santa Teresa, where they will be able to attend weekly training, coaching, and be part of Survival Apnea e-community.


2 Days FreeDiving Survival Apnea Course

Package Highlights:

-1 Night Accommodation in Hotel La Posada

-Full Daily Breakfast


-Full Equipment

-Welcome Smoothie

-Surf Boards Rental


 ApneaTraining Highlights (6hrs):

 - Plan for the day: our focus and goals

 - Introduction to Freediving disciplines

 - Freediving as a tool to develop Self Awareness and Self Control

 - Freediving Physiology: how does our body work during Apnea?

 - "The Breath Journey": The 4 stages of Breath Holding

 - Urge to breathe

 - Diving Reflex

 - Breathing and breath holding dry session

 - Breathing techniques and Training

 - How to use 100% of our Lung Capacity

 - Diaphragmatic Stretch

 - Swimming pool session: Full Co2 Tolerance training

 - Surf Specific Training drills in the water (Surf Simulation)

 - Static Breath Hold practice in the pool

 - Coaching and Safety Protocol

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